The free online screening of Laila in Hong Kong now comes to an end! Thank you for your support!

Permission required

Laila needs Motion permissions for the best experience.
Outreach and educational events
Outreach and educational events
In-school pre-Laila Workshop

In view of the uncertainty surrounding venue availability and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Laila opera experience and the pop-up exhibition, scheduled for 25 February – 3 April at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and the open area near Central Pier 9, will not take place as originally scheduled.

The In-school pre-Laila Workshop will not take place as originally scheduled as well.


This workshop briefs students on the background of Laila and other related concepts. Through delving into the production of the artwork, students can get exposed to the world of arts and technology, thus acquiring the ability to fully experience and appreciate the performance during the Festival.