The free online screening of Laila in Hong Kong now comes to an end! Thank you for your support!

Permission required

Laila needs Motion permissions for the best experience.
Visitor Information
Visitor Information


Laila Experience and Pop-up Exhibition
Monday to Sunday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Hong Kong Maritime Museum
11 Man Kwong Street, Central (Central Pier 8)

Guests can travel to the place by taking the ferry to Central, or MTR to Hong Kong station exit A2 and walk across the bridge for 5 minutes.

Latest measures against Covid-19 and admission arrangements for the venue

Unless exempted, all visitors will be required to use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application to scan the venue QR code before they can enter the venue. Under the new arrangements, visitors younger than 12 years old or older than 65 and those with disabilities which render using the app difficult will be exempted from using it when entering the venue. Exemptions will also be granted to individual persons depending on the actual circumstances.

All exempted visitors are required to complete a record form to register their name, the first four digits or letters of their identification document, their contact number and the date and time of their visit. They are also required to present a relevant identification document for verification at the request of on-site staff during registration. Staff might also verify contact numbers by dialling them on site.

  • Visitors are required to wear a mask to enter the exhibition and throughout the duration of their visit.
  • Visitors are required to pass the temperature check at the entrance before admission. Any visitor with a body temperature of 37.5˚C or higher will be denied entry.
  • Anyone wearing “compulsory quarantine” hand straps will be denied entry.
  • Visitors are responsible for their own safety and must comply with the rules and regulations of the venue.
  • Audience members are kindly reminded that the latest Prevention and Control of Disease Regulations and related vaccine bubble requirements implemented by the Government at the time of the performance must be complied with. Changes to existing arrangements may occur in light of new pandemic measures and government directives. Please refer to government announcements for updates.