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Outreach and educational events
Outreach and educational events
Arts Education Teacher Seminar


The Arts Education Teacher Seminar has been rounded out on 25 June (Friday). The HKAF were pleased to receive active supports from teachers with over a hundred attendees on the day.

Workshop tutors (Mr Keith Lam, Dr Leung Chi Hin, Mr Indy Lee and Dr Wong So Lan) and teachers explored the potentials of arts-and-technology integration alongside interdisciplinary teaching strategy. Within this framework, another discussion key was the utilization of resources under different curriculum which is essential for attaining a balance between arts and technology in education.

Upon workshops, teachers reflected the orientation of “Arts” with an attempt to seek an equal engagement among subjects in STEAM education. There was an expectation that interdisciplinary education shall enable an enrichment in students’ learning experience, which facilitates them to integrate knowledge and skills from class to their daily living and hence achieve all-around growth.