The free online screening of Laila in Hong Kong now comes to an end! Thank you for your support!

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Outreach and educational events
Outreach and educational events
Public Talk Series

In view of the uncertainty surrounding venue availability and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Laila opera experience and the pop-up exhibition, scheduled for 25 February – 3 April at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and the open area near Central Pier 9, will not take place as originally scheduled.

The three public talks will not take place as originally scheduled as well.

Talk 01

Executive Dialogue: Insights on Arts X Tech in Hong Kong

In English

Key Speakers

Gabriela Kennedy
Partner, Mayer Brown

Helen So
Lead, Arts & Culture,
Our Hong Kong Foundation

Tisa Ho
Executive Director,
HK Arts Festival

In recent years, the global arts scene has evolved at a rapid pace, in line with advances in technology, and immersive interactive spaces and digital works have become a feature of performances. The border between online and offline worlds has gradually blurred, and artistic innovations such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), which harness blockchain technology, have challenged traditional notions of intellectual property while simultaneously pointing to new models for it.

As a major international festival of the performing arts for the past 50 years, the Hong Kong Arts Festival has always placed great importance on arts development and is committed to developing the potential of Arts Tech in the city. In the first of this series of public talks as part of the special project Laila, the Festival invites representatives from leading local think tanks and law firms for a dialogue on the importance and development of intellectual property in the city.

Talk 02

Sight and Sound: Performing Arts X Tech

In Cantonese

Key Speakers

Olivia Yan
Stage Director and Acting Coach

Allen Fung
Lighting Designer, and Lecturer (Media Technology), HKAPA

AK Kan
Sound Designer

The award-winning stage production The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time has entranced audiences worldwide, from London’s West End to the Hong Kong Arts Festival, with its technologically enhanced stage design. Over the past decade, the HKAF has also brought a number of performances using various stage technologies to Hong Kong audiences, like the immersive Power Plant (2011) and the soundscape Chorus (2017).

Though Arts X Tech has increased in prominence in recent years, discussions of it from people in the field of performing arts have been rare. The second of the Laila Public Talks will focus on theatre, inviting leading stage designers and director to tell us all more about “Performing Arts X Tech”.

Details of registration will be announced soon.

Talk 03

Inspirations and Inheritance: Arts X Tech Creative Education

In Cantonese

Key Speakers

Zeno Koo
Outreach ambassador of Laila

Keith Lam
Concept for Beyond the Firmament

Mentors and students participating in the “Arts X Tech Creative Competition”

What an astonishment our Outreach Ambassador has given us! Zeno Koo, a popular young local actor, was initially invited to help promote Project Laila’s outreach event to local students. While he has been actively learning with students, he took us by surprise last year by curating his first art exhibition!

In the final chapter of the Talk series, Zeno will share his experience of taking part in the year-long education series. The talk will also cover the Arts Education Teacher Seminar, the school tour demonstration performance Beyond the Firmament, and a guided tour of the Laila opera experience and the pop-up exhibition. To wrap up the project, he will also join the Arts X Tech Creative Competition’s Panel of Adjudicators to present the awards for winners of the competition.

Details of registration will be announced soon.