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Laila needs Motion permissions for the best experience.
Outreach and educational events
Outreach and educational events
Arts X Tech Creative Competition


The Hong Kong Arts Festival will present an interactive and immersive opera Laila as part of the highlighted programmes to celebrate the Festival’s 50th anniversary in 2022. This HKAF 50th Anniversary Special Project Laila and the complementary education and outreach programmes are solely sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Laila is a co-production of the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Finnish National Opera and Ballet (“FNOB”) and it was winner of FNOB’s Opera Beyond Initiative, which openly calls for forward-looking Art and Tech ideas that pushes beyond the tradition of performing arts.

Extending this vision in local community, the HKAF called for young creative minds to propose daring and creative concepts to redefine performing arts through the use of technology. In this specially curated Arts X Tech Creative Competition, we welcome students from different backgrounds to propose all kinds of inventive concepts that promote the convergence of arts and technology, a development also known as Arts X Tech.

Young participants were given access to educational video resources and the opportunity to further develop their concepts in more comprehensive blueprints. After two rounds of selection, the outstanding teams will be provided with relevant training and mentorship by local artists and professionals. Their concepts will be realised and featured at the competition showcase exhibition, presented in close proximity to the 50th Hong Kong Arts Festival programme, Laila, offering the public a new type of artistic experience.

Rules & Regulations


“Breakthrough” refers to an important discovery or development that helps to improve an existing situation. Advances in technology have long had a huge impact on humans’ socio-cultural circumstances through bringing convenience to daily life and creating greater possibilities of breaking through conventions. These technological advances can take many forms—shadow puppets might give way to holographic displays, burning incense can be replaced by smoke machines as a means of creating smoke on stage—technology is a tool to embrace new ideas, to cut through tradition, and to change and redefine existing conventions.

Laila, a co-production of the HKAF and the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, offers audiences a completely new immersive and interactive opera experience, which breaks with the conventions of traditional opera performances. In a Hong Kong context, how might technology alter the public’s understanding, appreciation and experience of the arts? How might it revolutionise traditional presentation models and frameworks of performing arts?


This competition aims to :
  • Encourage students to incorporate technology into performing arts, and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired from STEAM-related disciplines;
  • Raise students’ knowledge, motivation and collaborative skills in a cross-disciplinary setting, particularly in the field of performing arts;
  • Spark creativity and imagination in students through incorporation of arts and technology;
  • Spark pedagogical insight into how technology can be used to enhance a higher level of learning experience.

  • Secondary School Division (S3–6)
  • Tertiary Division

    The format includes but not limited to installation art, digital art, interactive media, sound art, AR-VR, stage arts, etc. The “outcome” is expected to be displayed in an indoor area not exceeding 4m (width) x 4m (length) x 4m (height).


    There are Gold, Silver, Bronze and Most Popular Concept Award. Trophy and certificates will be presented to the outstanding participants as an encouragement.


  • Dr Leung Chi Hin
  • Mr Keith Lam
  • The Collective (Ms Anita Lam & Mr Andy Stokes)

  • Dr Leung Chi Hin
  • Mr Gaybird Leung
  • Mr Keith Lam
  • The Collective (Ms Anita Lam & Mr Andy Stokes)
  • Representatives of the following institutions:

  • Hong Kong Baptist University
    City University of Hong Kong
    The Education University of Hong Kong
    The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
    Hong Kong Design Institute
    Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee)
    Representative of the Hong Kong Arts Festival

    And more…


    May - July 2021
    Application and First Round of Proposal Submission
    July 2021
    First Round of Shortlisting
    August - September 2021
    Webinar Series
    Early-October 2021
    Second Round of Proposal Submission
    November 2021
    Second Round of Shortlisting
    November 2021 - February 2022
    Consultation, Coaching and Content Development
    March 2022
    Two-week-long Grand Final Presentation and Exhibition
    April 2022
    Awards Presentation Ceremony

    Past Event


    May - Jul

    Application and First Round of Proposal Submission


    Promotion video shooting

    Zeno, Outreach Ambassador, engaged in promotion video shooting in June to call for students application. He also invites students to set off for the journey of Arts X Technology, exploring its potential with their creative minds.

    Interviews with advisory panel

    Zeno’s conversations with Keith Lam and The Collective provide students with a preliminary understanding of the concept of Arts X Technology, and the rationale behind the creative process.


    First Round of Shortlisting

    Aug - Sep

    Webinar Series

    Four sessions of online talks hosted by local artists and curator were held for the first-round selected teams. Setting off from the basics, artists shared their experience of developing preliminary ideas to well-prepared production plan with students, hence concerning to enhance concepts with technology, eventually producing mature artworks.

    The webinar series were expected to inspire and help first-round selected teams to deepen their understanding of arts and technology and facilitate satisfactory performance in the second-round proposal writing.

    Session 1: Creative Process I: From Concept to Realization
    Host: Keith Lam (new media artist) and Chris Cheung (new media artist)

    Session 2: Creative Process II: Cross-disciplined Production
    Host: Ms Anita Lam and Mr Andy Strokes (co-founder of The Collective, a cross-disciplined creative agency)

    Session 3: Spatial and Audio Design
    Host: Mr Fung King Hong (audio designer)

    Session 4: What Makes an Outstanding Proposal?
    Host: Ms Kwong Kai-ling (curator of new media art)

    Online Consultation

    Consultations aimed at assisting participating teams to develop their creative idea for a satisfactory performance with a comprehensive proposal in the following round of competition.
    Second Round of Proposal Submission


    Second Round of Shortlisting


    First Production Consultation

    Matchups of advisory panel and finalists were completed in accordance with proposed art medium. In the first consultation, groups further elaborated their idea into a more sophisticate creative proposal, and drafted a preliminary production plan with the guidance of their corresponding advisors.

    Nov - Feb

    Consultation, Coaching and Content Development


    Two-week-long Grand Final Presentation and Exhibition


    Awards Presentation Ceremony